perel hana b.sessler

photographer, audio producer, editor

perel hana b.sessler

Conservation Restrictions: Handmade Photo Book

The Berkshires in Massachusetts is an area rich with beautiful land, views and lots of development. Over the years it has been a challenge to keep most farms from falling into the hands of developers set on building high end houses often changing the landscape and ecological character of the area. Fortunately there are options, like land trusts and conservation restrictions - both available to encourage local farms to thrive - and to protect environmental balance.

This "neighborhood concept" board is my work, for the full project please see website below.

After my youngest daughter was born I felt the urge to go back to school. I began my graduate work at UMASS Amherst Graduate School for Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning. I found a great outlet for my curiosity about land and responsible stewardship and finished my degree in NYC. This is a photo book I made about land preservation.

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